What is DA+?

All people have the right to relate and to be treated with affection, to feel accompanied and to have an affective relationship between equals that is free, bilateral, direct, respectful and consensual.

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Who is driving DA+?

We are a team of volunteers who work for the recognition of this right at all levels: one that is local, national and universal. Some of us are part of an association called Som Base (www.sombase.cat), that was created with the purpose of influencing the policies that impact people.

Why is DA+ necessary?

Many people around us are and feel alone. Although this circumstance is marked by various causes, there is one aspect that most of these people have in common, which is that they are or feel incapable of relating, which places them especially in a state of vulnerability: like the case of elderly, disabled, homeless people, immigrants, etc. DA+ argues that all of them have the right to interact with each other and must be able to do so.

Many organizations work to alleviate this scourge. But none of them enjoy legal protection that allows them to defend the right that everyone has to get along with each other.

For this reason, a group of volunteers, social entities and people sensitive to this reality have organized to denounce this situation. We are looking for a way to provide legal protection to people, groups and organizations that try to alleviate this issue.

DA + is in development and growing. We need your help: Get involved.